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Archie Jarvis

It is great to know that I have great minds that I count on to get my job done without breaking much sweat. I can confidently say that they have contributed immensely towards the profitability of my business.

Patricia A. Wiseman
Solution Bridge

I consider them as more of business partners than people who work for me. The reason is because in my seven years of working with them, they have always kept me a step ahead in my online business, which is a definite plus in this competitive world. Definitely recommended.

Jayden Hanson

Very smooth and efficient business operators and they always inform me in advance of any adjustments they intend to make. If you want to have an edge in the online business, then these are the people to go for.

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Practical Secrets to Successful Twitter Marketing

Don’t you just love to know something that will free you when you get stuck? I love little secrets and tips to success since they show me something I had not thought of, and most often, they work out! Well, if you love practical secrets, here are a few to get you on a successful journey to business growth by knowing how to use Twitter for marketing.

Now, you have probably schemed through a lot of guides to using Twitter For Business, right? But you may have noticed that most offer generic approaches that may not always work for you. So, I’ll give you a few tips on how to use twitter, and how those tips actually work. Read More...

Mobile Paper Shredding

Document security is a must

Data theft is one of the biggest concerns of companies, since they understand the importance of all information they hold in their possession. At the same time, data thieves do know how much they can achieve if they steal the right data and know what to do with it. Many people would love to get their hands on the confidential files of big firms, as well as organizations or government offices with all their important records. There are many ways in which this information can be used for personal, and illegal, gain. From blackmail to fraud, from virtual kidnapping to selling to the competition. 

For this reason, responsible companies will do their best to protect their own information, as well as data they have in their possession that belongs to their employees and clients. Even institutions like universities and schools keep detailed records of their students, including personal data, address, contact data and personal files. Whoever gets access to those files will have important information about many people that could be used the wrong way, for their own gain.  Read More...

Entrepreneurship | The Governments Support to Startups

The rise in self-employment in the UK

Creation of job opportunities has always been an incentive of many governments but it continues to be rather difficult to actualize. As a result, more and more people have taken on entrepreneurship in order to make a living for themselves.

If the recent trend is anything to go by, there will be more and more self-employed persons in the coming year, a figure which is expected to not stop going up. Here in the UK, the trend is no different. The insufficient number of jobs has driven people from many different backgrounds into this field. Read More...