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Practical Secrets to Successful Twitter Marketing

Don’t you just love to know something that will free you when you get stuck? I love little secrets and tips to success since they show me something I had not thought of, and most often, they work out! Well, if you love practical secrets, here are a few to get you on a successful journey to business growth by knowing how to use Twitter for marketing.

Now, you have probably schemed through a lot of guides to using Twitter For Business, right? But you may have noticed that most offer generic approaches that may not always work for you. So, I’ll give you a few tips on how to use twitter, and how those tips actually work.

1. Have A Clear, Simple Strategic Plan

The most important thing you should do before you embark on any task is to have a plan. A concise, achievable plan that is free of fluff. Here are a few things to remember.


Before you think of tweeting anything, have a clear picture of what you want to communicate. Come up with a meaningful, relevant title that communicates value to your target customer and is consistent with the business brand.


You should never underestimate the power of a hashtag. It is the core ingredient of making trending topics. Create a short, catchy compelling hashtag to promote your message.


If you want hacking growth using twitter for business, think teamwork. Recruit a few partners with a large following in your industry to increase your visibility. Learn how to use both followers as brand evangelists by giving them tailor-made content such as a video of a private tour of an office or production unit. Follow and engage your competition as well to keep abreast with trends, emerging brands and conversations in the industry


One of the most important things to keep in mind is that people like to be appreciated. Therefore, you can create a reward program for your most active followers. You can also keep them engaged by giving out valuable content, giveaways and engaging contests.

2. Your Tweet Layout

This simply refers to how you structure your tweet so as to fully engage with your audience as well as boost visibility through retweets. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Link Locations

How you place the link in your tweet makes a lot of difference in how many people will click it. For desirable results, vary the location of the link in the tweet. The most effective positioning with the highest CTR is somewhere close to the beginning of the tweet.


Twitter allows anyone to share photos, videos and even GIFs. Statistics show that visual content is attention grabbing and more sharable compared to plain text content. Therefore, businesses can use Twitter to share informative videos and graphics.


Did you know that your followers do not see the @reply tweet you post? Well, they don’t. Since Twitter assumes that you are addressing that one person, the tweet will appear on the person’s website, but not to your followers.

The List

Yep, Twitter has a list function that you can make good use of. If you are like most people, you probably have never used it. The list feature helps you find those who retweets, reply and favorite your posts. This helps create rewards for your most active crowd influencers and promotions that suit your target audience.

3. Get Noticed: Engage Followers 

The key to successful twitter campaign is to create something that will get people talking, retweeting, replying and placing queries.


Alerts are your friend; they tell you when things happen, and help you keep tract of important business and industry news. They track industry terms used to collect leads and show mentions of your business on the internet.

Twitter Chats

Give short, informative, savvy responses in industry twitter chats. Retweets of these responses will give you wider visibility

Team Effort

Use resources at your disposal; influencers, employees, partners and other multiple agencies to create a trending topic


 Helps find and engage with tweeters from your locality.  It’s a powerful tool for local businesses.

Show Your Current Customers Some Love

Find innovative ways to keep your current customers happy and engaged; you can give them rewards, incentives, private tours of the product making units.

The Human Touch

Tailor the word to appeal to their desires and goals. Align content to what they want to achieve.

In Summary

Twitter is a complex but more useful tool if you know which buttons to press.  On the face, Twitter is a simple, easy to use marketing platform with a tweet limit of 140 characters. However, once you exceed the character limit, you begin to see more opportunities and advanced settings that you can use to your advantage. There are many instances where Twitter and business have been used to grow ventures exponentially.